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We help children establish and maintain proper dental hygiene

Early dental care for young patients can make the difference between growing up with dental complications and having a full set of strong, healthy teeth. At Emerald Coast Dentistry, we help children establish and maintain proper dental hygiene, supporting their care through preventive, proactive treatment options. Dr. Erin Sutton and her staff offer comprehensive pediatric services for families in Fort Walton Beach.

Dental Services for Kids in Southern Okaloosa County

At Emerald Coast Dentistry, we monitor children’s dental growth and help young patients learn the proper techniques for managing oral health and building a beautiful set of teeth.

While primary teeth eventually fall out, they serve several purposes for children. Primary teeth hold a space for adult teeth to grow into, as well as help to build the jaw into its proper size. Additionally, primary teeth help children develop proper eating and speaking habits they carry with them into adulthood.

Dr. Sutton engages in proactive dentistry to encourage good dental hygiene and prevent dental issues before they can occur, managing primary teeth and encouraging the proper growth of their permanent teeth. Services for kids at our office in Fort Walton Beach include:

Your Child’s First Visit to Emerald Coast Dentistry

Children who see the dentist as soon as their first tooth erupts can ensure proper oral development throughout their adolescence and into adulthood. With the belief that building healthy habits as a child encourages optimal  health in the future, our Fort Walton Beach dentist helps educate children about the benefits of appropriate hygiene. Through comprehensive dental examinations, Dr. Sutton is able to monitor the growth of your child’s teeth and offer preventive treatments to safeguard against common issues as well as promote lasting oral wellness.

Additionally, bringing children to see a dentist early in their lives can alleviate anxiety before it even begins. Forming this relationship in childhood can ensure they grow up with the confidence to receive the necessary dental care to have a long-lasting, handsome smile.

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Your child’s first visit to Emerald Coast Dentistry can be their first step towards a lifetime of enduring dental health and a beautiful smile.

For more information about how you can help your child get started on the right path, schedule an appointment with Dr. Erin Sutton by calling or visiting us in Fort Walton Beach today!


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Thank you for giving me the best dental visit experience I have ever had in my entire life!

From the time I walked in to the office and the time I walked out, it was first class! Actually, that is an understatement.

This was my first appointment and I had my teeth cleaned, fluoride application, x-rays, and a test for oral cancer as I did smoke in the past. It was with great relief that not only did I pass the oral cancer test, but my teeth and gums received an A+ from Jennifer, the girl who cleaned my teeth.
The x-rays were very comfortable in my mouth. Lightweight and with digital imagery.

The office even has a flat tv screen by my chair with remote in case I wanted to watch tv while getting my teeth cleaned.

I could go on and on, but the bottom line is instead of dreading my next dental visit, I am actually looking forward to it!

Tricia Kelly

I wanted to take a moment and share the treatment that my FAMILY has received from Emerald Coast Dentistry. We have been treated with exceptional professionalism, kindness and competency for every dental need we have required. From a son who started his dental requirements at 5 years old; filled with fear, to a father and mother with challenging schedules. Emerald Coast Dentistry has taken the time to truely get to know the invidual needs of our family and actually exceeds expectations for every visit. How often do you hear those words from a long term customer. Imagine, exceeding expectations for over 5 years under challenging circumstances. As a family, we feel very fortunate to be patients of Dr. Erin Sutton and her exceptional staff!

Sincerely, Scott, Beth, and Eric Brubaker

This was my first visit to Emerald Coast Dentistry and I was treated like one of the family. Doctors Sutton and Hills were extremely nice and patient with me and seemed concerned about my past dental problems. They never seemed to be in a hurry and I felt very confident in their treatment and proposed dental plan. I am very thankful I found them.

Margie Hughes

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