Solving the Issue of Dental Anxiety and Discomfort

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Many patients avoid visiting the dental office at all costs, often causing dental issues to become more severe the longer they wait. If you experience fears of visiting the dental office, you are not without options. There are several ways to alleviate anxiety so patients can receive the dental care they need to reach optimal health.

Dental Anxieties and You

A poor dental experience can cause a person to develop negative stereotypes about dentists, discouraging them from receiving the care they need for a healthy smile. Receiving a pleasant, positive experience with a dentist can counteract these stereotypes and encourage receiving routine maintenance from a trusted dentist.

Patients that experience anxiety as a result of another deep-rooted fear, such as fear of pain or fear of diagnosis, have several options for gathering extra encouragement when receiving their dental care.

Solutions to Dental Anxiety

Patients with a fear of receiving dental care can receive sedation-assisted dental care or anesthesia administered directly on the affected area.

Nearly all dentists offer anesthesia in the form of a topical gel or injection that creates a mild numbing sensation. Patients have the option of receiving a topical gel that numbs the affected area, decreasing sensitivity and giving the individual enhanced comfort, or a virtually painless injection that generates a similar result. Patients also have the option of combining these for a stronger effect. These treatments are non-sedative.

On the other hand, when dental anxieties are caused by phobia, patients may require sedation-assisted service to induce relaxation and promote comfort. Sedation in the dental office often involves drowsiness but rarely causes unconsciousness, although patients have this option as well.

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Anxiety should not prevent patients from receiving quality dental care. To learn more about different ways to alleviate anxieties in the dental office, call or visit Emerald Coast Dentistry and schedule an appointment with Dr. Erin Sutton or Dr. Thomas Hill. We’ll help you get on your way to a confident smile!