Looking to relieve jaw tightness and headaches? Or perhaps you want to perk up your smile? With Botox® injections administered right here in our office, you can achieve both at once! We have successfully treated thousands of satisfied patients who have reported improved TMD symptoms and confidence in their appearance.

What Does Botox® Do?

Botulinium toxin (Botox®) is a neurotoxic protein that weakens or paralyzes affected muscles. The muscles cannot contract or be used at all, allowing them to stay relaxed. The resulting paralysis is temporary and requires regular maintenance.

Botox for TMD Relief

TMJ dysfunction, or TMD, occurs when the joint connecting the jawbone to the skull becomes damaged or inflamed. Sufferers may hear clicking or experience pain and tightness when moving the jaw. When injected into the muscles surrounding the joint, Botox® can relieve these symptoms by preventing teeth grinding and jaw clenching. This elimination of tension can also relieve headaches and neck pain related to TMD.

Botox® for Oral Health

Serious oral conditions such as periodontitis can occur when teeth grinding or clenching becomes excessive. Periodontitis is inflammation and infection of the soft gum tissue surrounding the teeth. Left untreated, the gum tissue may erode and result in teeth loosening or falling out.

Botox® can halt the progression of periodontitis by keeping the jaw muscles relaxed and preventing grinding and clenching.

Botox® for Aesthetic Enhancement

Botox® can also improve your overall appearance by smoothing out wrinkles and lifting your smile. Relaxing the muscles in your face can prevent frowning or scowling, making you appear happier and more energized.

Why Trust a Dentist with Your Botox® Treatment?

Dentists have more experience than anyone studying and analyzing facial balance and aesthetics. They understand how oral muscles and appearance affect overall health and confidence. Many Botox® injectors have never received any sort of medical or dental training, but Dr. Erin Sutton, DMD and Dr. Thomas Hills, DMD have the expertise to safely and effectively administer your Botox® treatments.

Get the relief and smile you deserve. Call Emerald Coast Dentistry today to learn more about our Botox® treatments.